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MSK-6000 Extra Fast Clear Coat

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Product Name/Model:MSK-6000 Extra Fast Clear Coat. 

Characteristic: Extra fast drying clear coate, high gloss and hardness, easy application, low
consumption and high efficiency to ensure good profit, suitable for fast spots repair.
Substrates  1K Basecoat.
Mixing Ratio Clear Coat Hardener   Thinner
2 1 0.1~0.3
<25℃ 6000 Extra Fast Drying Clear Coat 802 Extra Fast Dry Hardener 90 Fast Thinner
Spray Viscosity 14-16s to drop off, in 4# viscosity cup at 25°C,
Pot-Life At 25°C, 1.5 hour.
ReTreatment There are particles or runs after spray, sand affected area with P2000 sand paper
after thorough drying, then polish to solve the problem.
Spray Gun Set Up Gravity Feed: 1.2-1.5mm 4-5kg/cm²
Suction Feed: 1.4-1.6mm 4-5kg/cm²
Spray Technology Coats&Thickness: 2-3 coats, total 25-35um
Flash-Off Time: At 25°C, 5-10 minutes between two coats,
Air-Drying Time: Allow 10-15 minutes air drying time before force drying
Drying Time Temperature  Dust Free Tack Free  Tack Free  Dry to Test
25°C  15 minutes   2 hours   4 hours 5 days
70°C   3 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes 45 minutes
Shelf Life 2 years in original sealed can, cool and dry place at 20℃.
Package 5L×4 or 2.5L×8 or 5L+2.5L+1L
1. This products are extra fast reaction, after mixing clear coat with hardener, just add small
quantity of thinner for spraying, the mixture should be used up within 1 hour.
2. The spray viscosity could not be too high, in case of paints defects, such as orange skin.
3. This product is suitable for spots repairs, not suitable for overall repair.
4. At temperature lower than 8°C, a forced dry by baking is recommended.
5. It is recommended to apply at conditions of temperature lower than 25°C and humidity lower
than 80%, otherwise there will be defects such as blistering or blushing.
6. The products mixed with hardener should be used up soon and can not be restore for future
use; clean equipments immediately with thinner after application, otherwise it is very difficult to
be cleaned after dry.
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