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1000L Water Tank Blow Moulding Machine

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1000L Water Tank Blow Moulding Machine

Brief introduction of blow moulding machine for water storage tank

The plastic water storage tank making machine, fully using the German technology, can be blown to PE, PP, PS, ABS and other thermoplastic materials as raw material capacity from 5 liters to 60 liters of hollow containers. This machine is fully automatic production, high energy saving, low noise, high speed, high efficiency, safe and reliable, widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, lighting, tools, automobile, motorcycle, shoe, toys and other fields, is used for blowing plastic barrels, chemical barrels, car accessories (water tank, oil tank air conditioning, air pipe, automobile tail), toys (hollow wheels, motorcycle, basketball, children, Castle) tool bags, cleaner pipes, stadiums and public car seats. Safe transfer, debugging, training, perfect quality assurance, full service, so that you buy two use assured.

Working principle of the blow moulding machine 

    After the plastic and hopper enters the extruder barrel, the screw is forced to the head of the machine as the screw rotates. Because the head of filter screen, a splitter plate, the die resistance, and screw thread capacity gradually reduced, so as to advance the material by a great resistance, but also by the heating barrel incoming heat; on the other hand, the role of plastic affected by compression, shear, stirring force in the movement, and molecular friction and plastic cylinder and screw of the blow molding machine in between, will produce a lot of heat.

    As the temperature of plastic increases continuously in the barrel, its physical state gradually changes from glass state to high elastic state, and finally becomes viscous flow state, and further plasticization. Due to the continuous rotation of the screw, the plasticized plastic is squeezed out from the head die of the blowing molding machine in equal pressure and equal quantity to become a plastic product with a certain shape. The extrusion molding is completed by cooling and setting.

Product characteristics of hollow blowing machine

1.Control system of blow molding machine: operation panel uses 5.7 inches Chinese man-machine interface touch screen, all actions, parameters setting, monitoring, product counting, wall thickness control and other visual operations.

2. Hydraulic system of water tank blow moulding machine : all imported hydraulic valves, seals, electro hydraulic proportional control. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable, accurate movement, long service life and quick response.

3. Extrusion system: screw frequency conversion speed regulation, low noise, strong power, stable speed, long service life and energy saving characteristics; mixing screw, raw material adaptability, plasticizing quality better, heating cylinder and aluminum alloy heater, efficient energy-saving.


4. Die head system of plastic water storage tank making machine : using central material storage cylinder mold head, horizontal bar injection, high stability. The storage head with "first in first out" structure is reasonable and reliable.

5. Open die system: pneumatic single cylinder slide rail, fast and stable, four templates, high-precision linear guide, hydraulic two cylinder two-way opening and closing mold.

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