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Organic Angelicae Sinensis Radix Angelica Root Dong Guai Root Chinese Angelica Root Dang Gui

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Common Name:

Organic Chinese   Angelica Root

Botanical Name:

Angelica   sinensis (Oliv.) Diels

Latin Name:

Angelicae Sinensis   Radix

Pinyin Name:

Dang Gui

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

EU Organic &   NOP Organic Certified



Harvesting and   Collection:

Collect in late   autumn.


The sample with   big axial root, long, few rootlets, yellowish-white color in the section, and   strongly aromatic odor is the best.

Nature, Taste and   Meridian attribution:

Sweet   and acrid in taste, warm in nature. The heart and liver meridians in   attribution.


Tonify   the blood, activate blood circulation, regulate menstruation, alleviate pain,   disperse coldness, and loosen the bowel.

Usage and Dosage:

5-15g   for decoction. Crude sample is used generally, and that after stir-baked with   wine is used for activating blood circulation. The root body is used for   tonifying blood, the root tail for activating blood circulation, and the   whole root for the above two purposes.


1.     The Angelica   Sinensis Root should be used cautiously for those with stagnation of dampmess   or damp-heat in the middle-jiao and cases with loose stools

2.     It   should also be used cautiously for those with yin-deficiency and lung-heat,   insufficiency of stomach-yin, deficiency of the kndney with damp-heat,   hyperactivity of liver-yang and excessive phlegm-fire.

Activating ingredients:  

Danggui   contains volatile oils, in which there aere ligustilide, n-butylidene   phthalide, angelic ketone, myrcene and pinene. Its water soluble fraction   contains ferulic acid, succinic acid, nicotinic acid, uracil angelica and   angelica sinensis polysaccharide. In addition, there are several other   ingredients contained in it, such as flavonoids, amino acids and vitamins,   etc.

Processing Methods   and Functions:

1.     Raw   Radix Angelicae Sinensis

MethodIt   should be purified, washed clean, moistened slightly and cut into thin   slices, then exposed in the air to become dry or mase dry with low heat.

Function: It has   the function of nourishing blood and lubricating intestines. For example, it   can be used in Runchang Pills which could treat constipation.

2.     Stir-frying   Radix Angelicae Sinensis with wine

Method: It is to   put the drug slices into wine and mix them thoroughly so as to become   slightly moistened. After the wine is absorbed thoroughly by the drugs, pour   the drugs in to a frying container, fry them quickly with mild fire until the   drugs’ appearances become deep yellow with a few dark spots on the surface. The   amount should be 10kg wine per 100kg drugs.

Function: It can   strengthen the effects of activating blood to promote menstruation and   removing blood stasis to stop pain. It is suitable for many pain syndromes   such as amenorrhea, dysmenorrheal, rheumatism, injuries from fall or fractures   or contusions or strains and hemostasis swelling pain.

3.     Stir-frying   Radix Angelicae Sinensis with soil

Method: It is to   put soil evenly into the frying container, which has been preheated with medium   fire. Then, add drugs when the soil flows easily, fry them until the fine   soil cover the pieces of drugs evenly, and the fragrant smell comes out, and   then take them out. The amount should be 30kg soil per 100kg drugs.

Function: It has   the function of nourishing blood without including diarrhea, suitable for   patients with blood deficiency and loose stool.

4.     Charring   Radix Angelicae Sinensis

Method: Put the   drugs into a frying container and then fry them with medium fire until the   drugs show a little black color on the surface and become crisp in texture.

Function: It has   the major functions of hemostasis. For example, it can be used in   yang-reviving Pill which could treat metrorrhagia and metrostaxis.


Cultivated in   Boherbs organic farm in Gansu, all the Chinese Angelica roots are delicately   managed and processed.


In late autumn, before   harvesting, the over ground part is cut and fully expose the soil under the   sun for 8-10 days to help the evaporation of the water and the accumulation   of the inside materials to make the root fuller. Then make a deep digging and   drying in a ventilated place until the roots lose moisture and become soft.   And then put them into small bundles and make low-temperature air-drying. 


From planting to   processing, Boherbs could guarantee the whole procedure without any treatment   of pesticides, chemicals or sulfur to guarantee 100% organic. According to   different sizes, Boherbs could offer different grades.

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