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Angiographic Catheter Vascular

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Diagnostic cardiology catheter is designedwith improved shaft strength for better pushability and torque. Penty® materialgives the Performa improved kink resistance. Its flat-wire braid design offersgreater stability and increased torque. A large inner lumen enables increasedflow rates. The Performa’s winged polycarbonate hub offers enhanced handlingand control. The radiopaque tip allows shaft visualization under fluoroscopyand ensures accurate placement. Penty® is a registered trademark of ZhejiangBarty Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Size of angiographic catheter


Z-RH-04060 Z-RH-05060 Z-RH-06060 Z-RH-07060

Z-RH-04065 Z-RH-05065 Z-RH-06065 Z-RH-07065

Z-RH-04080 Z-RH-05080 Z-RH-06080 Z-RH-07080

Z-RH-04090 Z-RH-05090 Z-RH-06090 Z-RH-07090

Z-RH-04100 Z-RH-05100 Z-RH-06100 Z-RH-07100

Z-RH-04110 Z-RH-05110 Z-RH-06110 Z-RH-07110

Z-RH-04125 Z-RH-05125 Z-RH-06125 Z-RH-07125


Z-YAS-04060 Z-YAS-05060 Z-YAS-06060Z-YAS-07060

Z-YAS-04065 Z-YAS-05065 Z-YAS-06065Z-YAS-07065

Z-YAS-04080 Z-YAS-05080 Z-YAS-06080Z-YAS-07080

Z-YAS-04090 Z-YAS-05090 Z-YAS-06090Z-YAS-07090

Z-YAS-04100 Z-YAS-05100 Z-YAS-06100Z-YAS-07100

Z-YAS-04110 Z-YAS-05110 Z-YAS-06110Z-YAS-07110

Z-YAS-04125 Z-YAS-05125 Z-YAS-06125Z-YAS-07125

Z-RS-04060 Z-RS-05060 Z-RS-06060 Z-RS-07060
Z-RS-04065 Z-RS-05065 Z-RS-06065 Z-RS-07065
Z-RS-04080 Z-RS-05080 Z-RS-06080 Z-RS-07080
Z-RS-04090 Z-RS-05090 Z-RS-06090 Z-RS-07090
Z-RS-04100 Z-RS-05100 Z-RS-06100 Z-RS-07100
Z-RS-04110 Z-RS-05110 Z-RS-06110 Z-RS-07110
Z-RS-04125 Z-RS-05125 Z-RS-06125 Z-RS-07125
Z-RLG-04060 Z-RLG-05060 Z-RLG-06060Z-RLG-07060
Z-RLG-04065 Z-RLG-05065 Z-RLG-06065Z-RLG-07065
Z-RLG-04080 Z-RLG-05080 Z-RLG-06080Z-RLG-07080
Z-RLG-04090 Z-RLG-05090 Z-RLG-06090Z-RLG-07090
Z-RLG-04100 Z-RLG-05100 Z-RLG-06100Z-RLG-07100
Z-RLG-04110 Z-RLG-05110 Z-RLG-06110Z-RLG-07110
Z-RLG-04125 Z-RLG-05125 Z-RLG-06125Z-RLG-07125
Z-CO1-04060 Z-CO1-05060 Z-CO1-06060Z-CO1-07060
Z-CO1-04065 Z-CO1-05065 Z-CO1-06065 Z-CO1-07065
Z-CO1-04080 Z-CO1-05080 Z-CO1-06080Z-CO1-07080
Z-CO1-04090 Z-CO1-05090 Z-CO1-06090Z-CO1-07090
Z-CO1-04100 Z-CO1-05100 Z-CO1-06100Z-CO1-07100
Z-CO1-04110 Z-CO1-05110 Z-CO1-06110Z-CO1-07110
Z-CO1-04125 Z-CO1-05125 Z-CO1-06125Z-CO1-07125
Z-CO2-04060 Z-CO2-05060 Z-CO2-06060Z-CO2-07060
Z-CO2-04065 Z-CO2-05065 Z-CO2-06065Z-CO2-07065
Z-CO2-04080 Z-CO2-05080 Z-CO2-06080Z-CO2-07080
Z-CO2-04090 Z-CO2-05090 Z-CO2-06090Z-CO2-07090
Z-CO2-04100 Z-CO2-05100 Z-CO2-06100Z-CO2-07100
Z-CO2-04110 Z-CO2-05110 Z-CO2-06110Z-CO2-07110
Z-CO2-04125 Z-CO2-05125 Z-CO2-06125Z-CO2-07125

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